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Becoming pregnant and moving into motherhood is transformative and beautiful and difficult all at once. It changes you inside and out, and can leave you feeling vulnerable. We believe in supporting women through this time of change, especially when they are feeling sick or tired or unsure. We believe in supporting women when they need it the most. We want to support you in being able to enjoy your pregnancy and birth and transition into motherhood as much as you can.

We aim do this by offering nurturing and practical support kits for morning sickness relief, for pregnant bodies, for birth and for breastfeeding.

Our morning sickness kits are a mix of natural remedies to help give morning sickness relief and products to help manage pregnancy vomiting. We have a Pregnancy Pack for nurturing pregnant bodies and promoting rest, and a Breastfeeding Pack to support new mamas taking some moments to care for themselves as well as their beautiful baby.

Product Reviews

“You know I wasn’t sure if it would be worth buying a kit when I first came across your page. Thank goodness I did. It was great to be able to try a bunch of different things. The ginger tea was brilliant for work and I wore the morning sickness relief bands when I commuted to the city (not at work though because I didn’t want people to notice!). The guide helped me feel normal and I picked up some excellent tips. Morning sickness relief is hard to figure out but the kit really helped so thank you.”
– Sarah, February 2016

“My midwife recommended your kits to me after I got really sick quite at about 8 weeks pregnant. So glad I bought a kit when I did. Especially loved the guide. Definitely recommend to other Mums.”
– Bec, September 2016

“None of my friends or my sister experienced morning sickness symptoms like I did. It was relief to find your site. I love that you don’t make bogus claims about cures, but give a good options to try out. The ginger lollies were my best friend. I’m not usually a ginger fan but these were really effective when the nausea waves hit.”
– Jaz, September 2016

“I was a bit unsure at first if I needed a kit or not. My advice to other Mums, just do it! It was such a relief when I received the kit. Week 11 was by far the worst week of my pregnancy (still makes me shudder), I used the eye pillow all week and could barely eat. Drinking the peppermint tea 5 minutes before trying to eat a meal worked best for me.”
– Traci, September 2016

“The lemon roll-on was really effective for me, especially at work. Would recommend if you’re trying to find morning sickness relief at work.”
– Mandy, March 2016

“My mother-in-law gave me a kit as a gift. It was just what I needed. Some really wonderful insights in the guide. I used the ginger candy and morning sickness relief bands every day.”
– Renee, May 2016

“Used my morning sickness relief bands the whole first trimester. Loved them.”
– Ellie, September 2015

Pregnancy is a funny thing.
It transforms you inside and out, till you’re full to bursting.
It makes you sick and tired and somehow radiant all at once.
It makes you grateful and fearful and brave.
It smashes your heart open and gifts you your sweet babe.

And then your world is never the same again.


Learn about morning sickness relief and much more.

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As awful as morning sickness can be, there is one good thing about morning sickness. Truly there is! There may even be a moment where you are glad you have you have it.

In your womb, your wee babe waits,
it’s dark and warm,
and still and safe.
She takes comfort in your beating heart,
a place she’ll leave the deepest mark.
Once etched it cannot be undone
and it changes what is next to come.
It shapes you, breaks you, lifts you and then
you’ll never be the same again.