Want to know about the 15 earliest signs of pregnancy?

Our body gives us lots of clues about being pregnant. Some are very subtle. Some are more like someone screaming “you’re pregnant!” directly into your ear.  To spot the signs you need to be in the know!

what are the earliest signs of pregnancy

Top 15 earliest signs of pregnancy

So there is a chance you are pregnant. You just want to know for sure but it’s too early to get an accurate pregnancy test result!

Some people call this the ‘two week wait’. It’s the two weeks between when you ovulate (and have sex) and the first day of your missed period. It’s intense. Constantly scanning yourself for the earliest signs of pregnancy.  Constantly thinking about it. Maybe taking a pregnancy test or five even though you know it’s too early to get a conclusive pregnancy test result. Is that a faint line or a figment of my imagination?

In reality there is no avoiding the two-week-wait to know definitively whether you are pregnant or not. It’s an annoying reality and for many of us makes for a long two weeks.

Of course that doesn’t stop us for looking for the early pregnancy signs and symptoms before we can get an accurate test result.

So read on, and learn all about the earliest signs of pregnancy.

1. You have changes in your breasts

In terms of the earliest signs of pregnancy, breast changes are by far one of the most common. And by breast changes we are talking about REALLY sore, sensitive, tender boobs. “Don’t touch or even look in the general direction of my breasts” type tender. For the uninitiated the feeling can be quite surprising. Who knew your own breasts could feel so uncomfortable. Your nipples in particular can feel very uncomfortable and tender.

You may also find:

  • Your breasts become a bit lumpier than normal.
  • Your nipples and areolas get darker in colour.  Your areolas get bigger.
  • The little ‘bumps’ on your areolas get bigger or seem to increase in number. Weirdly it turns out these bumps are called Montgomery glands. Who knew?
  • The veins in your breast seem more noticeable and appear bigger than normal.

Time to crack out your comfiest bra.

2. You have changes in your cervical mucus

So. Vaginal discharge. It’s not really a fun conversation topic but it is definitely part of the pregnancy experience. The surge in progesterone in your body can mean an increase in cervical mucus.

Your are not alone if it is news to you that mucus could come out of this part of your body. You might have a small increase or great big increase. It even has a special name, leukorrhea.

This about to get a bit graphic so skip ahead if you’ve read enough. It’s thin in consistency, usually milky white and only mild-smelling. Sometimes it’s even odourless and it’s definitely not offensive smelling.

If it bothers you, a panty liner might come in handy and stick to breathable, comfy cotton knickers.

3. You feel really tired

Ok, so this is a big one to watch for early on. You might be thinking well that’s a pretty general symptom how will I know it’s from being pregnant? Early pregnancy fatigue feels different from your average I-had-a-big-week type fatigue. Pregnancy fatigue is full-on and utterly consuming. Your body pretty well won’t let you do anything else except rest. And if you can’t actually rest you’ll be thinking about wanting to rest non-stop. Your body shifts priorities and starts demanding things from you. Go with it! Growing a baby is very demanding and your body is asking you to tune-in (and lie down).

earliest signs of pregnancy

4. You need to wee all the time

This one is pretty self explanatory. Basically you feel like to you need to wee much more often than normal. This symptom is particularly annoying in the middle of night.

5. You have some light spotting or mild cramping

Bleeding or spotting or feeling crampy in those early days of waiting can be really confusing and alarming. Is it my period? Is it not? You won’t know for sure until you can do a pregnancy test. Knowing this doesn’t stop you worrying or wishing or hoping though.

Around 8-10 days after ovulation, when your embryo implants into the lining of your womb you can get ‘implantation bleeding’. This is usually light spotting and it is kind of pinkish or pinkish brown in colour, a bit different from your regular more red period colour. A crampy feeling can come at the same time too.

6. You feel constipated or windy

This one is as awesome as it sounds.  The increase in hormones in your body affects your intestines, which makes them more relaxed – which basically can make you constipated and / or make you fart (sometimes without notice).

I’m sorry there is no better way to put it.

7. You feel nauseous

This is the least favourite pregnancy symptom for many women. Morning sickness (pregnancy nausea and vomiting) can show up right from the get-go in week 4 of pregnancy.

8. You have a heightened sense of smell

With pregnancy comes a smelling super power. You may find odours that don’t usually bother you are really noticeable, overpowering or offensive. This often goes for things like certain food smells, cigarettes, perfume, alcohol or body odour, but it can be completely random too.

9. You have changes to your skin

For some of us, early pregnancy can do crazy things to our skin, taking us on a flashback to our teenage years. In fact you don’t have to have experienced acne early in life to have pimples show up in pregnancy. It is really common and it is really annoying.

10. You have a higher Basal Body Temperature (BBT)

This is quite a technical one, and is probably only of interest to you if you’re already tracking your cycle very closely. Progesterone causes your BBT to rise when you ovulate and stay elevated if you are pregnant.  So if it stays elevated it is likely you are pregnant.

11. Your vagina changes colour

Yes, seriously. The increase in blood to the area will most likely leave your vagina looking more purplish than normal. Of course unless like to look at your vagina a lot in the mirror you probably won’t notice the difference.

12. You feel more emotional than normal

Time to buckle up, pregnancy is a wild, wild ride. Pregnancy hormones really do impact the way you feel. Unexplained feelings of sadness, anger or feeling really sensitive can be one of the earliest signs of pregnancy. It’s sort of like PMS x 10 (or 100). It’s normal. Be kind to yourself (and your partner if you can).

13. You start having crazy dreams

So this one is more anecdotal than scientifically proven. Jump onto any pregnancy forum and you’ll find women reporting that one of their earliest signs of pregnancy was having crazy vivid dreams.

14. Your period doesn’t arrive as expected

Aside from a clear positive on a pregnancy test, your period not arriving when you expect it is one the very first and clearest early pregnancy symptoms. It is worth remembering though there are other reasons for a period not arriving on time. Changes in your life like a change in diet, sleep routine, travel and things like a major illness, surgery or feeling really stressed can mess with your cycle too.

15. You get a positive pregnancy test result!

While not necessarily one of the earliest signs of pregnancy, a positive pregnancy test result is certainly the most definitive sign of pregnancy! Pregnancy tests from the chemist are very accurate these days. The earliest you can test with some brands of pregnancy tests is 5 days before your missed period. You’ll get a more accurate result when your period is actually due. Of course most of us can’t make ourselves wait until then and end up doing a bunch of tests along the way.

Wishing you all the best.

Want to know more about the earliest signs of pregnancy?

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