GC Tooth Mousse

If you are vomiting with your morning sickness you need GC Tooth Mousse in your life (and handbag). You may not know this, but vomiting and also brushing your teeth straight after vomiting can cause permanent damage to your teeth. Most women who have dealt with vomiting during pregnancy don’t realise this until they visit the dentist post pregnancy and by then it is too late! The damage is done.

Tooth Mousse gives you protection and also peace of mind from knowing that you are looking after yourself during pregnancy. You’ll feel good about using something effective and safe with GC Tooth Mousse being widely recommended by dentists in Australia.

When you vomit, stomach acid winds up in your mouth. This can affect your tooth enamel, which can cause erosion and sensitivity. Acid damage to teeth is permanent and irreversible. Brushing your teeth straight after vomiting just makes things worse. The vomiting makes the enamel soft and your toothbrush may scratch and damage your teeth further.

GC Tooth Mousse is a crème that you rub onto your teeth to help re-mineralise them. It contains supersaturated calcium phosphate. It is has a gentle flavour, which will also help your mouth feel fresh again too.

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