What are the earliest pregnancy symptoms? Mums share their stories…

So you’ve read all about the earliest pregnancy symptoms you may experience in books and articles, but what is it really like?

We asked a bunch of new Mamas about their earliest pregnancy symptoms and it makes for interesting reading. Lots of common threads but the personal experiences are quite varied.

Read on to gain insight into what the earliest pregnancy symptoms can really be like.

New Mums share their personal experience of their earliest pregnancy symptoms.

Real woman share their earliest pregnancy symptoms

Here are personal pregnancy experiences shared with us by new Mums.

  • The first thing I noticed was that my boobs felt heavy and they were really veiny. My nipples started to tingle every so often.
  • I had it all. Exhaustion, dizziness, cramping, sore boobs (taking my bra off was awful), a big pimple (unusual for me) and some weird twinges in my pelvic area.
  • Around 7 dpo I started to notice very prominent bumps on my nipples and areola. Then around 10 dpo I had a very light pinkish discharge when I wiped.
  • The very earliest pregnancy symptoms I noticed were sore nipples (not really breast pain but more tender than normal). I also had some light cramping off and on. At one point the cramping felt like stretching or a light  pressure in my lower abdomen.

Real mums share their earliest pregnancy symptoms. The most common experience seems to include very- tender breasts (otherwise known as sore boobs)!
  • About 9 days after I ovulated I got sore nipples. Not sore boobs just the nipples..lol!!
  • Very light pink bleeding at about 8 days before my missed period.
  • I started to get a feeling I was pregnant about 1 week before my period  was due.I had quite tender nipples and sort of butterflies in my tummy for a day or two.
  • I had very painful breasts when I took my bra off. I also had morning sickness very early on, and at about 4 weeks my tastes changed. I couldn’t eat anything strong tasting and the smell of my husband making his morning coffee made me want to be sick!
  • The earliest pregnancy symptoms I had were a tiny bit of spotting and some cramping at an odd time. I didn’t realise what it was until I got my pregnancy test result back.
  • I had zero pregnancy symptoms. First I knew was after a pregnancy test and I was 7 weeks. It was a big shock.
    At around a week after I would have ovulated (no idea when I did though, just a guess from my dates!) I got sharp stomach pains like a stabbing pain.
  • Around the time of my missed period I felt tired, with cramps (unusual for me as I rarely get menstrual cramps) and needed to go to the loo more than normal. A week later (so about 5 weeks I guess) that I started being sick!
  • A week before my period was due I was sick in the middle of the night, and then around the time my period was due I was really dizzy all the time, which is something I normally get when I ovulate.
  • I had little cramps on the left side of my stomach. Some kind of pulling behind my navel maybe. Slight headaches, nausea, a little lower back cramp (and a bit windy, sorry tmi) I also had slight pain in one nipple.
  • I started feeling faint about 3 days before my missed period.
  • I had an aversion to coffee all of a sudden. I used to love it. It just seemed to taste funny!  Then there was a dizzy feeling followed by extreme tiredness!
  • No symptoms at all!! Not one.
  • I started getting headaches and slight nausea just before my missed period. Some cramping off and on and then the real morning sickness started!!!
  • In terms of early pregnancy symptoms I had the works. Swollen breasts, nipples hurt like crazy, always going to the bathroom to wee, wind, heartburn, and cramps.
  • I started feeling unusually tired and nauseated around 6 days before my period was due.
  • I started to feel just a bit strange about 7 days before my period was due. Hard to describe, I just felt different. Then couple of days later I had some pinkish spotting.
  • At 7dpo I started to get tummy flutters, tummy cramps and felt extremely hot for about 48 hours. After that the sore nipples kicked in.
  • This is going to sound a bit strange, but the first thing that started happening was having crazy dreams. Really weird and vivid. I think that began about a week before my period was due.
  • With my first pregnancy I just knew right away that my body felt different. I swear it was about 5 days after ovulation. With my second pregnancy I had no symptoms or feeling of being pregnant. I found out three days after my period should have arrived from a pregnancy test. I got a big surprise.
  • I had sore boobs 5 days after ovulation that just got worse and worse and then I started crying at lame stuff on TV. I mean really lame like the MasterChef finale so I knew something was going on. I also kept getting really hot and I lost my appetite.
  • I’m sorry this is a bit gross, but a lot more discharge from my vagina is what changed for me. It started well before I could take a pregnancy test.
  • A missed period was the only reason I knew.

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